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If You Remember These Trends, It’s Time To Invest in Life Insurance

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3 min readSep 7, 2022

If you’re a millennial and haven’t invested in life insurance, now is the time to do so. According to LIMRA, only 49% of millennials have life insurance, but 47% intend to buy a policy within the following year. Buying life insurance now can give you peace of mind for your future (and save you money!).

Still not convinced? If you get the feels when someone mentions Sun-In, Lisa Frank or any of the trends listed below, it’s time to start shopping for life insurance (and Quility makes it easy).

1. Dial-up

Just the mention of dial-up internet brings to mind the telltale screech of the modem connecting to your home’s landline. While the sound wasn’t pleasant, it did signal that you were close to connecting to the World Wide Web.

2. Movie rentals

Nowadays, you can easily rent and stream movies and TV shows from your smartphone or computer. However, you likely recall how video rentals used to be an experience all on their own. Whether you went to a chain store or a local mom-and-pop shop, going to rent the latest VHS release meant browsing the aisles and hoping the store had enough copies.

3. Arcade games

How much of your pocket change did you spend on arcade tokens at your local shopping mall during your childhood? While they might be a novelty now, arcade games used to be wildly popular. You could even find arcade video games at your local car wash and play a few rounds while waiting.

4. Portable CD players

Lighter than a boombox and armed with anti-skip technology, CD players replaced the iconic portable cassette tapes. Whether you listened to your favorite CDs on the bus, while riding your bike or while walking to school, you had your own personal soundtrack running in the background.

5. Digital pets

Who knew you could become so emotionally attached to a digital pet? While there are now several games and apps with virtual animals, it was the pocket-sized digital pets of the 90s that taught many young millennials the importance of caring for a pet (without dealing with real-life messes).

6. Pagers

How many pager codes can you remember? Before texting and emojis, pagers (or beepers) were the fastest way to get a hold of your friends. While you couldn’t call back or even respond with some models, pagers made it easier to plan weekend adventures than getting all your friends on a three-way phone call.

7. Y2K

Do you remember the excitement and fear of the approaching new millennium? It may seem silly now, but for those who lived through it, many people prepared for various computer systems — including those in charge of financial databases and airline reservations — to shut down. The Y2K scare led to many people withdrawing their money from banks. Fortunately, when the clock struck midnight in the year 2000, no major malfunctions occurred.

If any of these classic 90s markers brought on waves of nostalgia, today is the day to secure life insurance

Feel ready but don’t know where to start? Quility makes qualifying for and purchasing life insurance approachable, easy and completely digital with Quility Level Term.

You can get a free quote and apply online in 10 minutes or less, with an instant decision and a policy delivered straight to your inbox. Your application will include a few “about you” health-related questions and a request for your chosen beneficiaries. Prefer to have some offline assistance? A licensed agent is ready to walk you through the process and secure the coverage that is best for you.

Get life insurance in less time than it takes to feed your digital pet!

Quility Level Term life insurance provides coverage up to $1 million with affordable level premiums, some policies starting at just $16 per month (based on a 20-year term and $300,000 coverage amount for a healthy 35-year-old female and a nonsmoker). Skip the awkward doctor’s visit and apply for coverage 100% online without a medical exam.*

*Most individuals will qualify for life insurance coverage without the need for a medical exam.



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